Studio A



83 m2


5 m center


42 m2


20 m2


7 m2

Studio A is our larger room, and it’s 83sq. meter live room is perfect for live tracking. This room is well known for it’s great acoustics, specially when it comes to recording acoustic drum kits. The live room is complemented by two iso booths and an amp cabinet. ISO 1 has great lines of sight to the main recording space, and can also double as a small production suite for longer projects. ISO 2 is a great sounding vocal booth, with direct line of sight to the producer’s desk or mixing console. Studio A’s control room is centered around a vintage AMEK M1000 desk, one of the last hand built consoles made by the famous English manufactured. This desk has a great EQ section and fabulous preamps, with Sowter transformers in it’s input section. Apart from digital recording we also offer professional analog recording to 2" magnetic tape, and are capable of (and very much enjoy) doing all analog projects - without using computers for recording or mixing. The control room has connecting lines to every room in the building so you choose to track in less than conventional spaces without a problem. With a great selection of recording gear and instruments, Studio A is a great place to track and mix all kinds of music.

Studio A is our larger room, and it’s 83sq. meter live room is perfect for live tracking


Although we usually record bands playing together, this studio is a great place to record all kinds of projects. You can choose between recording to tape or to a DAW, or a combination of both.

We have a great selection of recording equipment and instruments, at no extra cost.

Our main recording room is also great for video shooting!

Analog recording has a sound of its own



  • AMEK M1000 - 20/8/2
  • (20/8 - 16/2 split desk)

Analog Recording

  • Otari MTR-90mkII (2’’, 24 track) 
  • Studer A80 VU (1/4’’, 2 track)

Digital Recording

  • Universal Audio Apollo 16mkII 32in/32out (complete UAD plugin bundle)
  • Apple iMac 3.3 QC / 16GB RAM
  • Pro Tools 12

This gear list is subject to change without notice, so if you intend to use something in particular please call ahead to guarantee availability.


With Staff engineers

300€ Day (10h)

40€ Hour (min. 3h)

Without engineer

250€ Day (10h)

30€ Hour (min. 3h)

Block rates: Discounts are available for large bookings

2" Reel

70€ Rent RMG SM900/SM911

250€ Buy RMG SM900/SM911

1/4" Reel

65€ Buy RMG SM900/SM911

1/4" reels are not reusable

  • All prices presented do not include VAT.
  • Our Studio A can be rented by the hour (minimum of 3 hours per booking) or by the day (10 hours straight).
  • Outside engineers and producers are welcome, but the presence of a staff assistant engineer is mandatory during the entire session.
  • To book studio time you’ll have to make a non-refundable deposit of 50% of all the scheduled sessions. Although the sessions can’t be canceled without losing the deposit, they can be re-scheduled free of charge if you let us know at least 30 days in advance. The full amount of the deposit is deducted from the final studio invoice, which is to be paid during the last session.
  • If you want to record to tape, you can rent one of our 2’’ tapes. After your project is completed, we’ll create a digital copy of the multitrack and erase the tapes. If you want to keep your analog multitrack masters, you can bring your own 2’’ tape or buy new reels from us.
  • We don’t re-use 1/4" tapes, so if you want to use tape for mixdowns or “live to 2-track” projects, you’ll have to buy the reel.
  • All audio files must remain at the studio until the sessions are paid in full.